On the 23rd of March, scientists from the Linnaeus Center In Developmental Biology for Regenerative Medicine (DBRM), a world-leading research center at Karolinska Institutet specializing in the fields of developmental biology, stem cell research and neurobiology, hosted an outreach event in central Stockholm open to the public.

It was a fantastic day filled with activities, information sessions, mingling with scientists, and musings about the exciting research within the neural stem cell field. Topics included DNA and genes, building a thinking brain, visualization of stem cells, bioengineering, disorders of the brain, plus fun activities like making your own neurons, stem cell twister, DNA extraction, activating your stem cells and many more. The event was aimed at visitors of all ages and walks of life.

Some photos of the exciting journey into the world of stem cells, brain development and medicine:

(Photos by Alessandro Furlan, Kristina Volkova, Giulia Gaudenzi, Iskra Pollak Dorocic)

A very special thanks to all the people who made this event possible:


Organizers: Giulia Gaudenzi and Iskra Pollak Dorocic

Coordinators: Matti Nikkola and Urban Lendahl

Speakers: Urban Lendahl, Thomas Perlmann, Per Svenningsson, Søren Ravnskov, Eva Hedlund , Jens Hjerling-Leffler

Participants: Aileen Gracias, Alessandro Furlan, Ana Belèn Munoz Manchado, Ana Mendanha Falcao, Ana Teixera, Anaïs Louzolo, André Nobre, Andrea Bieder, Andrea Ganna, Andreas Kalckert, Anna Herland, Anna Martinez Casals, Anna Omelyanenko, Antonio Beltrán, Björn Reinius , Carmen Saltó, Christina Göngrich, Claire Foldi, Claire Kelly, Erik Smedler, Esra Karaca, Firoozeh Salehzadeh, Gonçalo Castelo-Branco, Helena Storvall, Hemany Munguba, Ilary Allodi, Ilqar Abdullayev, Isabel Martin Caballero, Jens Magnusso, Johan Holmberg, Kathryn Reese, Konrad Juczewsk, Laura Comley, Maggie Yeung, Mansoureh Shahsavani, Maria Papathanou, Maritina Sergaki, Michalina Lewicka-Yammine, Nicolas Guerout , Nigel Kee, Nina Heldring, Omid Faridani, Paola Rebellato, Parvin Kumar, Qiaolin Deng, Rachel Elands, Riccardo Guidi, Rickard Sandberg, Stephan Nilsson, Sueli Marques, Susanne Nichterwitz, Teresa Fernández Zafra, Tobias Lilja, Vilma Rraklli, Xiaofei Li

Graphic designer: Annica Klingspor


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