This blogs accompanies a doctoral course offered at Karolinska Institutet in spring 2013. The course deals with science communication and outreach in the digital world.

Its goals are to discuss the importance of communicating science and to introduce students to new tools used in science communication. The course will gather experts in different disciplines such as journalism, TV, radio, blogs, visual arts and design for an exciting course. The course will introduce the student to a combination of creative and analytical approaches across fields.The classes will be taught by a robust mix of faculty, journalists, designers, and creators to expose students to a variety of disciplines.

There will be emphasis on student learning by active doing. Workshops will direct the student to produce his/her own material and publish it on this website.

The course is organized around weekly meetings, lectures and workshops, culminating in a public outreach event organized at a public venue in central Stockholm during the Spring of 2013.

How to apply:

Registration is now closed. Course listing can be found in the Karolinska Institutet course catalog. The course is open to graduate level students and post-docs from any university.

The course is also part of the DBRM Research School and more information can be found here.


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