As the last speaker of the course, Adam Ruben was a sure hit. A writer, comedian, storyteller, and molecular biologist he is the perfect embodiment of the science communicator.

The golden rule of comedy is to take advantage of the unexpected. Leave the punchline at the end. Know your material and practice, practice, practice! Go to gigs, network, and finally recite your routine to friends and family in advance.

Adam performing stand-up comedy:

Besides telling us about his experience of blending science and comedy, Adam is a big supporter of the new ‘genre’ of storytelling. Storytelling is not new of course, but lately many storytelling nights have popped up in lots of large cities – people gather and listed to someone telling a story on stage. One of these is the Story Collider event and podcast., where people tell stories about how “science made a difference, affected them, or changed them on a personal and emotional level. Sometimes, it’s even funny.”

Adam while storytelling:

Lastly, enjoy the Grad School Rap:


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