“In the gap between science fact and science fiction stands the motion picture and television science consultant… David Kirby provides us with a history of these often unheralded scientific ambassadors to Hollywood and the critical role they play in shaping how film and television makers depict science–depictions which in turn shape how science is understood by the public at large.”
Zack Stentz, writer/producer (ThorX-Men: First ClassFringeTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

kirby_headshotDavid Kirby teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on science communication, science fiction, and the history of science at the University of Manchester as Senior Lecturer in Science Communication Studies. He holds a PhD in evolutionary genetics and has worked as an assistant professor teaching genetics and molecular biology. David then changed gears and has since pursued interest in issues relating to the relationship between fictional representation of science and attitudes towards science in American culture. Davis is the author of  Lab Coats in Hollywood: Scientists Impact on Cinema, Cinema’s Impact on Science and Technology and many journal articles on the subject.

mattiasMattias Barsk is a TV producer at SVT,  the Swedish national public TV broadcaster. He specializes in children’s programming, in particular the popular science show  Hjärnkontoret, and has also worked on other programs such as Vetenskapens Värld.

You can follow his on Twitter @barsk.

Unrelated, ever wonder what a scientifically accurate Spiderman would look like?


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